Monday, 7 December 2015

How to Store a Chainsaw in Winter

Emptying the Fuel

Chemical degradation & the risk of fuel freezing during the cold months of winter can irreparably damage a chainsaw. This is why it is absolutely vital to empty the fuel tank. If you would like more information on safely removing the fuel from a chainsaw tank you can check it out right here.

Storage Area

Always store a chainsaw in a dry, and if possible warm, place. This will prevent rust, freezing and a host of other problems that are caused if stored in a wet area.

Covering the Chainsaw

Most chainsaw manufactures will provide storage equipment such as a chainsaw bag or sleeve for the chainsaw blade. Be sure to use these as a further means of protection.

Aftercare Treatment

No matter how careful you are during the winter month it Is always good to have replacement parts as well as the means of sharpening a dull chainsaw blade when the time comes to dig the chainsaw out. For tips on sharpening a chainsaw check out this blog. 


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