Wednesday, 4 November 2015

A Complete Guide to Chainsaw Safety

Chainsaw safety can seem to be a bit of a dull topic and many beginner chainsaw users (who maybe only need the chainsaw the once) may deem it unnecessary thinking they will just be careful and sensible whilst using the machine. With this in mind I wrote this guide to explain each part of the safety procedures when using a chainsaw to prevent sometimes fatal injuries.


By law anybody using a chainsaw must have had formal training. This law is largely ignored though but it does exist for a reason. Novice chainsaw users are those most at risk and if this law was ignored chainsaws accidents would be cut down to a fraction of the size.

Protective Glasses

When using a chainsaws, debris can be shot off at over 30 mph and they may be sharp. Wearing protective eye wear is a must. Potential blindness is a factor that may be worth the tenner to eliminate.


Much the same reason as the protective glasses but probably the most that will happen is a cut on your head. But more severe injuries have been known to occur so helmets are a big must when using a chainsaw.

Clothing & Gloves

Specialist chainsaw clothing can end up saving a limb and gloves a digit. As well as being resistant to a chainsaw the gloves also help with grip and friction allowing you to control the chainsaw more easily.

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