Thursday, 12 February 2015

Is a Petrol Chainsaw the Right Option for You?

Is a petrol chainsaw the right choice for you

There are a lot of reasons why a petrol chainsaw could be a good or a bad choice for different people (although I personally use mine too much to think what I'd do without it) so I'm going to cover some of these points to give you a better idea of what you should think about.

They require a strong user

A petrol chainsaw has quite a bit of kick to it and as such can normally only be used by stronger than average individuals which has never really been an issue for me being a very tall individual. They are also quite heavy and putting these together makes it pretty hard to control well enough to get a clean cut without being strong or putting in a huge amount of effort.

They require petrol

Bit obvious but this means you need to keep fuel for it around the house somewhere (I personally leave mine in thee garage) and this fuel is of course flammable not a good choice for people with children or particularly jumpy pets as spills can quickly become a fire hazard.

Highly effective

Not much can cut quite like a petrol chainsaw so if you have some heavy duty work planned then its a good choice provided you know how to handle it and have the required strength.


Being a petrol chainsaw there's no wire or anything like that so if you need to take it far from an outlet that is no problem for a petrol chainsaw, The lack of wires also make it quite maneuverable while using it for those trickier cuts.


Most petrol chainsaws can be expensive especially a good one and theres the continuous fuel cost to consider after.


Only heavy duty jobs require a petrol chainsaw don't underestimate what a hatchet or electric chainsaw can achieve and think to yourself do I really need one?

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