Tuesday, 17 February 2015

How to use a fencing maul

What you need

For this kind of job it will always be easier with a friend or co-worker there to help with positioning so be very careful with your maul as to not cause injury to them. After that all you need is your fencing maul and a pair of gloves. Note that a fencing maul works effectively on about 1.2 m high posts.

Position the post

Decide on where its going and try to plant it a little into the ground for a steadier grip.

Hold it upright

If the post is held at a slant it will go into the ground at a slant which could make your whole fence more difficult to make. Make sure the person holding the post has the gloves so their hands don't splinter madly when you hit the post in.

Holding the maul

The further apart your hands are the more control you will have during your swing making it a lot safer for your trusted undoubtedly nervous friend or co-worker.

Swinging the maul

Start with a slow practice swing to begin and to judge the distance a little better. Once you are happy start swinging with controlled forceful strikes until the post has been hammered in. Rinse and repeat this process for all of your posts until finished.

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