Monday, 2 March 2015

Different Kinds of Hammers and Their Uses

Lots of people have issues with hammers quite often because they aren't using the right one for their particular job so I'm going to cover some basic hammers and the uses for them.

Claw Hammer

A hammer that is very often used for general work and the use for this hammer is that it can be doubled as a lever for pulling up floorboards or trying to remove a very sturdy door frame and the V cut into the claw is used to pull nails from timber. Its often wooden, glass fibre or steel and can come with or without a rubber grip and is normally 16 to 24 oz.

Club Hammer

Also referred to commonly as a lump hammer it has a double faced head and its most common use is light demolition work, masonry nails and driving steel chisels. It is recommended to use safety glasses and work gloves to avoid the possible splinters it can create. It will normally weigh around 2.5 lb. This is probably the most used hammer for general purposes.

Sledge Hammer

Used for heavy jobs such as driving stakes or masonry due to its huge size and weight and is very uncommon in general use. For lighter jobs the weight of the head is often enough to get it done but for heavy jobs it is swung like an axe. It is recommended that you use suitable protective clothing, gloves and glasses to avoid possible injuries from splinters etc.. This kind of hammer can weigh 7, 10 or 14 lb.

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